Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bicycle routing now in Google Maps

I am rather excited about this feature, although it seems like it has been a long time coming. Google maps now has bicycle paths and bicycle routing, including estimated times.

Under the More… menu you can see the new bicycle layer. Turn that on and you can see recommended bike routes and bike paths. Better yet, maps will now route along these paths if you choose the bicycle routing option when you get directions, in fact it will favor them. Here is a snippet taken from my bike ride home:


Notice the coyote creek trail is highlighted and selected for the route. This is a longer ride than just following Monterey road, but is vastly preferable in terms of the quality of the ride and I was delighted that maps now knows it can route along those bike paths and does so.

The estimated time is a little higher than I know it to be (I can do the ride in about 55 minutes, Google estimates 1 hour 17), but that’s no worse than the driving estimates tend to be. This is fantastic news for cyclists.

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Martin said...

Great news! I have been waiting for this feature quite a while now. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in the EU yet. :-(